COVID-19 has changed our lifestyle drastically. Everything from how we conduct business to how we spend our leisure time changed. Quarantine confined us to our homes for our own safety and for the safety of humanity. Food prices have gone up, Businesses get raided, and in a big contrast, flight prices have plummeted in a bid to attract frightened travelers. but have you considered RVing During COVID-19 Pandemic?

People love outdoor activities yet the virus has limited our enjoyment. We are all trying to avoid physical contact as much as possible. So it will take time before we get used to the new reality.

In response to the pandemic, more drivers are hitting the road than ever before. RV camping at Goldwater offers the safest outdoor activity during this pandemic because it provides a controlled environment.  Besides, the coronavirus is less contagious outside.

If you are not familiar with RV camping at Goldwater or RV camping in general, RV is an acronym for Recreational Vehicle. An RV is a van built with living quarters in mind. RV enables you to go out camping while still maintaining the comfort of your home. There are various models and configurations of RVs. Could be in the form of motor homes, caravans, camper vans, and more. They have all the amenities you need, including beds, bathrooms, dining areas, or anything you may need.

The Freedom of Traveling With RVs During COVID-19 Pandemic

RVs are versatile and allow large groups of people to go out camping out together. You could even partition a room for isolating anyone that falls sick. Besides, most RVs come equipped with solar panels, generators, and even laundry facilities. It gives you freedom!! Freedom to comfortably live in the untamed wild. Freedom to view the world’s beautiful scenes.

Freedom to get away for a weekend getaway without needing a hotel. RVs, give you the freedom to go wherever you want to explore the thousands of campgrounds in a caravan.

COVID-19 has affected almost every sector and the hotel and hospitality industries are among the hardest hit.  You receive a no-vacancy notice in almost every hotel you visit. The ones available are expensive. However, during better times, RVs were still much cheaper.

An article published by Tripssavvy.com in 2019 showed that preparing your meals with an RV rather than eating out in a hotel can save $650 in the course of a two week trip with a family of four. More so, it is cheap to hire RVs. It costs an average of $150 per night to hire an RV in California. California is one of the nation’s highest cost-of-living states.

Reasons Why RV’s Are Considered Safe During The Pandemic

the act of Rving during the COVID-19 pandemic minimizes contact with others. You are not going to allow an outsider into your RV. This minimizes the spread of germs or the virus. As long as one must disinfect oneself and the vehicle before setting out, there is no need to worry about the virus compared to staying in a hotel.

In hotels, it is easier for the cleaning staff to come into contact with the virus because they have to clean many rooms than you are coming into contact with someone with the virus during your RV trip. Besides, people who go for RV camps are always a different crowd compared to people in major cities. There is a low chance of someone at our RV park carrying the virus because most of our visitors come from smaller cities with little to no cases of Coronavirus. RV parks also have amenities that you may need.

You are likely thinking of spending a few days and nights exploring what Goldwater RV resort has to offer. You’ve made the right decision. This is the place to camp this summer.  At Goldwater, our goal is to offer positive memorable travel experiences to RVers. Made for winter residents looking to get away from the cold. 

Owned by a family committed to providing residents and guests with a wonderful family-friendly environment and many fun things to enjoy. The new owners bought it in 2018. They are a business-oriented family and have a plethora of experience in real estate. Its friendly atmosphere makes it a wonderful place to stay. It also has a lot of amenities for activities both on-site and nearby.

Why our resort?

The resort is the place to enjoy the weather this summer. After all the day’s activities, you need a perfect place to decompress and refresh before the next day. Guaranteed tons of amenities and modern facilities.

Always gives you the best view of the sunsets in the foothills and easy access to all the areas you would like to visit. It costs an average of between $150-$200 to hire a room for a night. You could save this money if you chose RV camping.

You are also not sure if the surfaces of the hotel you will hire is well sanitized or not.   Even if they are clean, you have to act responsibly for yourself and for the people around you. We have all the amenities you could want from a traditional hotel resort, pools, showers, hot tubs,  and running electricity. Remember to obey safety measures when you visit.

enjoying the best view of the sunsets in the foothills and easy access to all the areas you would like to visit is. It costs an average of between $150-$200 to hire a room for a night. One could save this money if you chose RVing during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The level of sanitization when RVing During COVID-19 Pandemic

You are also not sure if the hotel sanitized its surfaces. Even if they stay clean, think of the number of people hotel attendants interact with. Most attend to multiple clients in various rooms. They could easily spread the virus if one of the customers has the virus. You can avoid all these worries with a peaceful night’s sleep in your familiar bed. Our facilities all the amenities you could want from a traditional hotel resort, pools, showers, hot tubs, and running electricity. Remember to take the safety measures when you visit.

             Come See What Goldwater has to offer. Our RV resort has everything you need to have a perfect stay.