RV Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re considering Rving, you are on the right track. A report by the Kampsground of America (KOA) 2017, showed that more than 6 million North American households have adopted the RV lifestyle since 2014. These numbers are a reassurance of the affordability of the RV lifestyle. but as with any lifestyle, you´ve got to know the typical mistakes to avoid. In this article, you will learn tips to help avoid some of the most common new RV driver mistakes. So, as you plan for your camping trip, keep these essential tips in mind. You’ll become an expert before you know it. so here are 10 RV Mistakes to Avoid by Goldwater RV Park:

1. Not Choosing the Right Type of RV

There are many types of recreational vehicles. From traditional Class A motorhomes to travel trailers and campervans. Choose an RV that meets your needs such as the amenities you’re looking for, the number of people you’ll be traveling with, how far you’ll be traveling, and so on. For instance, a campervan is ideal for solo travelers and couples. The first time RVers prefer a Class C motorhome because it is easy to drive. And the best part: you are not required to have a special license to drive an RV and Goldenwater has got you covered.

2. Not Creating a Checklist

A checklist will help you remember all the action items that can be very vital during the trip. Travel anxiety is a phenomenon that you can easily avoid. You will be surprised by the important things you can easily forget if you do not have a checklist.

Your checklist should include things like:

  • tire pressure.
  • Closing all the windows and vents.
  • Turning off the water pump and water heater.
  • brake fluid.
  • gas.
  • headlights, sidelight, and tail lights.
  • motor oil and coolant.

Ensure you double-check your list. Walk around the site and verify that you don’t leave anything behind. Also, have a checklist for when you arrive. It will ensure everything goes according to plan.

3. Not Making Reservations

RV Mistakes to Avoid

A pro will easily know his way around different campgrounds. Something the novice RVer probably does not know. After a whole day on the road, you don’t want to be turned away from an RV park because they don’t have space for you. Here are some reasons why an RV park may not be able to host you.

  • Some RV parks only allow RVs and trailers that are less than 10 years of age.
  • in some cases, campsites don’t have enough space for a generously sized Class A vehicle.
  • they could be expensive.
  • There are RV parks exclusive for seniors.
  • It may be full when you arrive.

It is therefore important to be responsible and make reservations before heading out on your adventure.

4. Not Planning Your Route in Advance

Imagine getting lost when driving to an RV park, that can be a very stressful experience You can avoid such stress by planning your route. Online tools like Roadtrippers.com and the Good Sam Club are great for planning a perfect RV camping trip route and companies like Goldwater provide you with a vehicle. Make sure you validate your route before setting off. It’s also important to consider the limitations of each type of vehicle.

5. Not Doing a Walk Around the RV Before Departure

No matter how confident you are that everything is fine, you must do at least one final RV walk around before departure. Use your checklist to verify each task has been completed. If you don’t complete a final RV walk around, you could easily drive with your slide out, ruin your satellite, and so on.

6. Skipping a Test Drive

It is recommended to get the feel of driving your RV before setting off. Driving an RV presents its own set of challenges. A test drive will improve your confidence in driving your RV. You will learn how to take turns and even how to park.

7. Driving too Fast

Most of the time, you will be excited and would want to arrive at the RV park early. You, therefore, drive fast. Driving an RV is not like driving your regular sedan or sports car. In the case of an RV, you’re driving with your home. RVs are tall, long, and heavy. You need to be careful because you could easily lose your balance and belongings. Each RV tire has a unique speed rating. If you drive faster than your tire is rated, it may overheat and blow out. It is also challenging to maintain control when driving at higher speeds.

8. Not Following Campground Rules and Etiquette

Even though an RV is like your home, the campground is not your backyard. There are rules every RVer has to follow to ensure that all of you have a good time. even in Goldwater facilities

  • Read and follow the RV park rules.
  • Don’t play your music too loudly.
  • Avoid walking through other Rvers campsites.
  • Take care of your pets and children.
  • Stop the engine and don’t keep it on more than a few minutes.
  • Drive slowly.
  • Dispose of food properly.

9. Leaving Your Curtains up at night

Pulling down your curtains once the sun sets could help prevent some awkward experiences. Campsites at RV parks are usually close to each other. Leaving your curtains up at night allows people to see into your rig. Pulling down the curtain at sunset gives you privacy and keeps other people from snooping. If you keep your RV curtains open, you may accidentally give your neighbors in the RV park a class on human anatomy they weren’t prepared for it.

10. Being a Bad Campground Neighbor

No one wants to be a bad neighbor or to camp next to a bad neighbor. You might be a bad neighbor if you play loud music into the night, you carelessly dump your waste or you don’t look after your dog. If you want to make your trip memorable and fun, be mindful of your neighbors.

Wrap Up

These are just some of the mistakes to avoid for a happy RV camping experience. we at Goldwater hope that you follow them for fruitful camping.