There is nothing like traveling in an RV. RVs, allow you to go on vacation with all your household belongings. RVs come with a comfy bed, a fully stocked kitchen, and an accessible bathroom. RVs have many benefits. One benefit is the ability to go camping with the whole family, including the family dog. A recent study by a Recreational Vehicle Industry Association showed that 61% of RV owners believe that furry friends serve as excellent companions when RV camping. let´s dive into 10 Tips for RVing With Your Dog from Goldwater.

It may seem a challenge to go with your dog on vacation. After all, dogs aren’t used to traveling, and you might not know what to expect. If you’re planning to bring your dog along with you on an RV trip, you’ve come to the right place. This article discusses tips for a successful RV trip with these 10 Tips for RVing With Your Dog.

Let’s dive in!

First, Pack for RVing With Your Dog

Just like when you travel, there are certain things that your dog needs when traveling. To make sure that you have an exciting trip, pack all the stuff you think your dog might need. Whatever it needs ranges from its food to proof of vaccination. Here are a few items to keep in mind:

  • Collar
  • Toys
  • Medication
  • Leash
  • Non-Spill food bowl
  • Fresh Water

Second, Designate a place for your pup to travel

Choose a place for your dog to ride. If you are using a trailer, ride with the dog on your track. It isn’t safe to ride in the trailer while towing. Ensure your dog is comfortable and relaxed when traveling for long hours to prevent travel anxiety. Also, make sure that you stop for bathroom and water breaks after every few hours. At Goldwater

Third, Decide where it will sleep

Your dog is not used to sleeping outside its bed. If it has its dog bed, bring it along with you to Goldwater. This will make sure that it gets a good night’s sleep and rests well. Allow it in your bed as well if it likes that. A good rest prevents anxiety and nervousness.

Fourth, Stay at a dog-friendly campground

RVing with your dog

Every RV camping ground has its pet policy. Some are very strict while some don’t allow pets at all. To make things stress free, call the campground before embarking on your adventure. Thankfully our RV Park is dog friendly. Contact us today for a quote.

Fifth, Decide where to leave your four-legged friend when engaging in activities that are not dog-friendly.

This is the first consideration when deciding on whether to go RVing with your dog. You may need to leave your pup alone for a few hours when visiting places such as national parks that do not allow dogs.

A good RV has ample space for your dog, and your dog will feel fine if you live it there for a while. After all, you leave your dog alone when attending to most of your errands, so this is something your dog gets used to really fast. If you are not comfortable with leaving your dog alone for a few hours, only plan for dog-friendly activities. You could also look for a local dog walker or pet sitter to spend time with your pup while you are away.

Sixth, Plan for an emergency

Although unlikely, it is always good being ready for emergencies. Have the number of a local veterinarian at hand in case the worst happens. Ensure that he has his ID tag. Something like that would make it easy for someone to contact you if your dog were to get lost.

Seventh, Include daily exercise in your schedule

A dog needs exercise. Sitting in a van for hours without running around is tantamount to torture. It is a good idea to get a big RV that will allow it to play around. If not, get a big RV Park like Goldwater Mobile Home and RV Resort to let your dog stretch and exercise. This will allow your pup to interact with other traveling pups. Landing on spacious campground? Take your dog for walks at scheduled times.

Eight, Be Mindful of the Weather

When planning to leave your dog for a few hours, pay attention to the weather, and anything your dog might need. You could leave your conditioner on if it’s the middle of the summer so that your dog finds a cool place to relax. Dogs fear thunderstorms. One can lessen this fear by bringing their toys and blankets from home to remind them that they are safe. Anyway, never leave your dog unattended outdoors. You can always stay at a neat Resorts like Goldwater.

Ninth, Not All Dogs Are Suitable for RVing

If your dog constantly barks at noise or strangers or gets anxious during car rides, they may not enjoy RVing. Maybe you’re engaging in other activities such as bike riding and kayaking, you would want an active companion. After all, you can’t have fun while your dog is lonely at the RV Park. They also need to stretch their legs as well. Not to mention, they could get nervous if left alone for too long in a new area.

Tenth, Go Slow

Remember that RVing is a new experience for your dog. He may need time to get accustomed to it. If you’re planning for an extended RV trip with your dog, consider practicing with a few short trips to familiarize it with new environments. You could even spend a night in the RV before the trip to let the dog know what to expect. Dogs are different. Develop a plan that works for you. Some adapt quickly, while others might need time.



And Lastly: Wrap UP

RVing with your dog may seem daunting, but most dog owners agree it is fun to bring your dog on vacation than leaving it behind at home. An advantage is that you will forgo the price of paying a pet sitter. Besides its safety won’t worry you. With proper planning, you can surely plan an exciting RV camping at Goldwater trip for you and your dog. we hope to have helped you with these 10 Tips for RVing With Your Dog.