Sick of staying indoors? Boredom, you say? How about enjoying yourself in a nice park? From sightseeing to biking to hiking and swimming, there’s a lot you and your crew can enjoy. You only have to do one thing: read this to learn 10 Things To Do Near Goldwater.

In Southwest Arizona, just near the convergence of River Gila and Colorado River sits Yuma, a richly historic city. It has a story to tell about travelers, adventurers, and explorers.

From parks to museums to heritage sites and the incredible sight of the desert, there’s a lot to explore. Fasten your seatbelt; we’re going for a tour.

1) A Visit to the Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park

Yuma territorial prison dates back to 1875. The prison held 3,069 inmates, among them 29 women.

The prison sits between the desert and enormous Colorado, strategically built there to make it impossible for prisoners to escape. Through its existence, there were no instances of prisoner execution. However, 111 prisoners died while serving their sentences.

Though no longer operational, the prison still serves as a reminder of the Old South West life. It holds a rich history and reputation. A quiet time in here with a few pictures will do.

2) A walk to the Historic Downtown

A visit to Yuma would be incomplete without a walk downtown.

This place was once nothing but ruins during the 1920s floods. However, it now boasts lots of magnificent and rich history.

Apart from sightseeing the beautiful buildings, you also get to enjoy shopping. Oh, did I mention the great food? Trust me; you want to dine in this place.

There are also galleries that you’ll enjoy. A walk at the central area, downtown will give you that special Yuma feel. And, yes, you’ll be able to enjoy a photo session at the incredible “Downtown Yuma” post. one of the best things To Do Near Goldwater.

3) Visit the Gateway Park

One of the things that make Yuma city stand out is outdoor fun. The over 35 public parks are there to make sure you experience nothing less.

Gateway park sits at the end of Madison Avenue, downtown Yuma and the banks of the Colorado River. Just above it is the magnificent ‘ocean-to-ocean’ bridge.

And that isn’t all. There’s yet another fantastic sandy beach around, so you get to enjoy a fulfilling swimming session during the summer and build sandcastles. So much beauty in a single place, right?

There’s a special place for children too. The kids’ playground the fishing docks will be a ton of fun to them.

The place is also a hot spot for picnics because of the shelters, barbecue spots, and restrooms.

4) Sanguinetti House Museum and Gardens

This is yet another incredible Yuma museum sitting in the middle of elegant gardens and magnificent serene.

The building initially served as merchant E. F’s adobe house. It currently serves a different purpose, telling stories of Yuma’s rich history, and holding some treasure inside as well.

Sanguinetti, the one whom the park received its name after, came to Yuma, had a humble beginning and rose to become one of the most influential businessmen of all time.

He touched the community in different incredible ways.

Visit the museum for a chance to learn much about him. The garden café just near the museum is there to give you the refreshments you need after a long day.

5) Waylon’s water park

Need some time with your family? Waylon’s water park will serve you right.

With more than 15 slides and incredible attractions, you and your family will have lots of fun.

Get a refreshing swim at the pools as you enjoy even more entertainment on the mini-golf course.

Is that all? No. The restaurant on-site will get you basking in the ambiance. The place is suited for all ages, so your kids also get to share in the fun. And, yes, it’s a perfect place to hide from the hot summer sun.

6) Visit the Camel Farm

Do you love animals? Are you fascinated by camels? Then you should go to the Camel farm ASAP for one of the top Things To Do Near Goldwater RV park.

Sitting on the outskirts of Yuma, Saihati farm that also operates as a petting zoo specializing in one-humped camel breeding and caring for close to 200 specimens.

Though living on fenced pens, the animals have lots of space to move around and connect with you.

Your kids will also be thrilled at the sight of camels, huge ostriches, tortoises, white buffalo, zeedonk, etc. The pleasure and comfort that comes with feeding the animals soothing. Rest assured, your family will enjoy every bit of it.

7) Visit the Yuma Crossing

Just outside Yuma, on the Colorado River, sits huge granite rocks that have, for over 500 years old.

The two rocks worked as a bridge for a thousand miles. This crossing was crucial, especially for adventurers traveling to the West, Spanish explorers, etc.

The crossing got erected in 1848 to protect immigrants from the Indians. Today it stands as a National Heritage and historic site.

8) Castle Dome Mine Museum & Ghost Town

What was once among the most prominent mining towns, the Castle Dome city, is now abandoned like a true ghost town.

The city hosts more than 300 mines. Architects and explorers have taken up most of its treasures to museums.

Within the city are over 50 buildings. From churches to shops to personal homes, each having their share of the rich history.

Though now buried in the silence of a ghost town, this magnificent place preserves rich history. Give it a visit. and learn all the things To Do Near Goldwater

9) Imperial Sand Dunes National Recreation Area

Located 20 miles to the West, the magnificent dunes have created their own name as the country’s most abundant bearers of inland dunes.

Visit during the low season for the best experience. You can do so during the off-roading peak, but only with off-road vehicles.

Make a stop-over for a photo session for endless memories this one is one of the best Things To Do Near Goldwater RV park.

10) Visit Martha’s Gardens

Martha’s Garden is about 10 miles away from Yuma.

Come and spend time at this lush oasis in the desert. The 8,000 date palms that swing with the wind will give you a therapeutic feeling that you’ll hardly forget.

Martha Rogers dug out this oasis in 1990. So, being here isn’t just a chance to enjoy the scenery but learn the rich history too.

Ready To Hit The Road?

Yuma has continued to get more and more national attention, thanks to its rich history and cultural importance. The city hosts several historical sites, beautiful mountains, magnificent deserts, fantastic parks, and many exceptional hotel amenities. there are so many To Do Near Goldwater.

The above list has various places and activities you and your family can enjoy. Pack your bags, let’s go have some fun. Shall we?